That’s the scent... of life!

Life smells like…

the hopefulness of a bright, sunny day,

the smile on your face when you receive a warm and caring message,

the excitement for the summer vacation at your favorite island,

a child’s impatient mood while looking for the gifts,

the ambition to see your dreams becoming your reality,

this tingling in your mouth before kissing for the first time,

an impromptu and totally uncontrollable laugh with your friends,

all the love and affection the word “mom” implies,

the magic of sunsets,

the eagerness you feel before travelling to a new destination,

this freedom feeling while running,

the confidence boost after a positive evaluation for your job,

your escalated enthusiasm you become a kid again,

a cozy Sunday meal with your friends and family,

the awe every time you look up in the starry night sky,

the light air breeze that tickles your foot during a midday siesta,

the power you gain after solving a problem on your own,

the breathtaking view of the infinite blue sea and the deafening silence when you dive into,

the “seize the day” feeling when getting up early,

a big, protective hug.

Life smells like the moments which highlight the sweetest aspect of life, moments that determine our mood and complete the digits of our personal puzzle. What they have on common?


Nothing fancy.

A statement of simplicity.

You and yourself. The real you. Your personal truth.

Vaso Laskaraki, inspired by the way emotions and memories affect us, created a series of pure fragrances. "Life Moments" perfume collection smells like the moments that make life worth living.

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Life Moments

by Vaso Laskaraki