The Story Behind

A perfume is a gift!

A gift we owe to ourselves to give this little extra touch to our personal style! This natural luxury boosts our boldness and awakens our delicate and most unique aspects.

The Life Moments perfume collection is inspired by the actress Vaso Laskaraki.

Vaso Laskaraki has the ability to remember people by their smell. Using her "super power", she created a perfume collection that aims to highlight the authenticity of every man, woman and child! But how did the story begin?

Back in her childhood years, Vaso Laskaraki, tended to identify relatives and friends with smells. This subtle habit unconsciously evolved into one of her strongest talents!

Have you ever experienced the strong effect a smell has in your memory bank? You smell something and you may recall a whole scene from the past. The sense of smell is considered to be the one, mostly associated with the memory center of the brain. That's because smells are also imprinted in our memory and have the power to activate its capacity, when they are perceived by sensory organs.

In other words, minds could easily be likened to a "film
library" and in this case the sense of smell would be the producer and memory would play the director's role!

Known for her ability to recognize people by their smell and art oriented, Vaso Laskaraki decided to start her own journey in the perfume scene.

Life Moments perfume collection is the ticket for everyone who wants to join the ride!  


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by Vaso Laskaraki